We ALL want to live a HAPPIER LIFE and we all know happiness is a choice.

The key is to realize happiness comes and goes. Nobody will be in a happy state all of the time. And if they seem to be, then they’re probably faking it part of the time.

Try to remember that everything has it’s season and whenever you’re going through a hard time, happiness is just on the other side of the hill. You can wait for it or you can go after it.

Either way, it will come to you but might as well try to grab that happiness a little quicker with these steps.

  1. This one is always on everyone’s list… BE THANKFUL! Not just for the GREAT THINGS going on in your life but try to realize that everyone has their own ISSUES and be thankful for yours.There’s always someone going through a challenge YOU wouldn’t want. Be thankful for your blessings and your challenges. Cause they’re yours.
  2.  COMPLIMENT SOMEONE when you notice something about them. Not necessarily on their appearance but anything that you notice. If someone at the grocery store has great customer service skills, tell them. If someone has a nice smile, tell them. 

You don’t know how much that compliment might mean to them. And it will make YOU happier knowing you made someone’s day.


3.  Make EYE CONTACT with people. So many times we walk right past someone without looking up let alone saying hello!

And being an introvert is NO excuse. Start making eye contact and saying hello BEFORE the other person does and you’ll realize how great it makes YOU feel.

4. Find your TRIBE! Your tribe might be close family members or it might be co-workers or it might even be a group of people on the internet that you’ve never met in real life!

Whatever group it is, it’s always made up of people that ‘GET YOU’. 

Sometimes it’s hard to express our joy for the things we’re working on to people that don’t ‘get it’.

By finding your tribe, you’ll be able to share in each other’s victories and celebrations and they’ll understand ALL the work it took to get there.


5. Live your PASSION every single day!

Whether it’s to make money or not, you need to have something you’re passionate about! Something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning because you’re SO excited to start working on it!

Good for you it it’s your day job, but it probably isn’t.

Maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s your side hustle, just make sure you’re doing what you love EVERY DAY!


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