Yep, it’s July! Time to start planning your holiday party.

Yep, it’s July! Time to start planning your holiday party.

July is the best time to start planning your holiday parties.  Here are some tips to get started. Just get these 6 things planned and then I’ll cover the details in another blog.

Step #1

WHY:  Decide what the purpose is for you holiday party? Is it to celebrate the season with your customers? Is it to thank your customers and/or suppliers? Is it to sell you product or service?

Step #2:

BUDGET- Before you can move on, you need to have an idea of how much you can spend. Come up with a ‘total’ budget rather than a per person budget. You can then invite the number of guests that fit within the budget. Decide if this is your big event of the year or one of several smaller intimate events. Note: people attend a LOT of events and parties around the holidays. If yours doesn’t stand out, they will choose to attend one of the many others. You can go over the top without spending a ton. I will show you how in another blog.

Step #3:

WHO:  Who will you invite? Based on the purpose of your event, make a list of you you would like to attend. Is it open to the public? Existing customers? Potential customers? Friends and family?  Do your best to come up with a number of attendees.

Step #4:

WHERE: Based on the number of guests you want and your budget, start jotting down some ideas for venues. Is it in your home? Do you need a large space or small space? Do you need a central location in your town?

Step #5:

WHEN:  Do you want your party before Thanksgiving or after? People get really busy after Thanksgiving and venue prices increase. Try not to hold an event the weekend right after Thanksgiving but no later than two weeks before Christmas. Weeknights are less expensive and Thursdays are usually good for most people.

Step #6:

WOW:  How do you want your guests to feel? If this is a celebration to show your appreciation, you may want to give, give, give. Beyond their expectations!! Think of the ways that YOU would feel appreciated and write them down.

While you’re waiting for my blog that will give you ideas to make your guests think you went “over the top”, think about a theme you might want use. Let me know your theme ideas in the comments and I will post more blogs specific to your theme! Can’t think of a theme? I’ll post a blog with ideas too!

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